Sunday, March 21, 2010


I often reflect on how wonderful I think Caffine is. OH what wonders it does to my abililty to concentrate, my ability to get things done, oh and my ability to smile early in the morning when after being concious for all of 5 min. I have already been bombarded with a camillion questions. I love caffine! I think coffee is yummy. Capaccino's are to die for, iced tea good, and my all time favorite cherry coke. So there it is. I love it! Here comes the unfortunate part. I love caffine but caffine does not love me. We are not talking a simple "i can't sleep after 1 cup of coffee, or "I get jittery." If those were the problems I would easily guzzle lbs. of caffine. Literally. If I couldn't sleep after having caffine I would just drink more to make up for the lack of sleep. NO NO NO unfortunately for me I get bad (hmmm how do I say this and save my lady like disposition) I get uh well "intestinally sick." I mean EVERYTHING in body is completely cleaned out. I haven't had caffine for this reason in years. Well the other day I was grouchy, just plain grumpy. I got the kids around had already dropped 1 off at pre school and was on my way back home. I decided I desserved a treat. You know the treat...the congratulations on doing what you do. Kind of a "gold star of motherhood." You know what I'm talking about some out there call it BREAKFAST. Yeah so I decided I desserved breakfast so I went through MCd's drive through and got myself a mcskillet burrito Yum. I then ordered a small coke. I love coke and for some reason coke from mcdonalds is the best. I swear they slip some sort of chemical in it that makes me believe it's the best. So I got it. I then didn't drink it. I told myself you will regret this. Well eventually the drink called my name so loudly that I took a tiny sip of it just to shut it up. It was fabulous and everything I imagined and more. The cup, the straw, the ice, the carbonation...mmmm. Afterward I felt great. Then of course sadly enough sometime after dinner, and right before class it hit. I was actually driving to class. I was going to be surprisingly 20 min. early and was looking forward to nabbing my favorite left handed desk when it hit. My stomach started feeling crampy and I knew I needed to turn around. Yes if my entire insides were coming out I wanted to be on my toilet. So I went home..."freed my intestines" and then headed back to class. So alas I have decided it's just not worth it.
I love you caffine. I guess I will always stalk you from affar. Think about you, dream about you, picturing what it would be like if you and I could be together.

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