Monday, March 22, 2010

Writer's block

Why is it that every time I have to write a paper I have nothing to say? Then when I do start writing it is stupid. I feel this is a legitimate question because I am the one who reads over what I wrote and scoffs at just how stupid it is. No really I feel I should be one of those people who carries a tape recorder around and talks into whenever I get a bright idea. You know the times. I feel that as a general rule when you no longer have the capability to write something your brain becomes relaxed and the thoughts flow more readily. This place is the toilet for many. Now as my husband has shown using his I-touch on the toilet has proven quite productive. No for me the best place seems to be when I am at the grocery store and one of my children is having a total melt down in the produce section. Yep this is when I would pull out my little tape recorder and begin to "write" or at least record my ingenious ideas. I think this might actually kill two birds with one stone. Not only would I make headway on papers and such but I would also look like an individual who was doing a case study on this "random" child and not some incapable mother who at this point would let the check out lady be a baby sitter if she offered.

Sometimes I question how far I am going to get in my classes when every time I sit down to write a paper I am bombarded with motherly "duties." Yesterday alone I learned that I cannot type a point and answer a child's question.Why not you may ask? My answer is because it does not make sense when your paper shifts from psycho analytic theory to why we are still "on a break" from scoobie-do. Oh and I learned that silly putty when left on the page of a text book for let's just say 45 min. does not come back off. Silly putty that is red does not come off and leaves a nice red stain.
Well at least I have 2 of the 5 questions finished in order to complete my midterm. That is something. Just 3 questions and 12 more pages to go.

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