Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Post

Why in the world am I typing a blog post when I have a 12-24pg. paper looming over my head? Well it's simple really, as long as I am typing and sitting at the computer I feel productive. Doesn't really matter the content just as long as I am typing. Well I feel this first post should be my official introduction into why I have even entered the world of blog land. Well I need blog therapy. Why? well I need to process somewhere and Hus-b can't always have me exploding on him as soon as he walks in the door. Well it wouldn't be right and he may begin to associate my face with explosions. I would rather he associate it with a princess or maybe a diamond. I digress. I am currently going back to school after having been out for some time. It has been a truely hard adjustment and that's not the half of it. I am just now coming to a journey of discovering a life. A life outside my kids, husband, home, friends etc. A real life that involves me learning and seeking out who God wants me to be. This is my sloppy journey into figuring out how to navigate life. Well I really should pick that paper back up again and go at it. Well here I go!

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